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Shalon Passover Seder | Modern Slavery & Emancipation

  • San Francisco, CA United States (map)
Photo: Jeff Eliason

Photo: Jeff Eliason


The story of Passover is one of people coming together to rise up against forces of discrimination, oppression and fear. It is a story that repeats itself throughout history as we see communities challenged by so many forms of modern day slavery unite to emancipate themselves and future generations from the bonds that tie them down.

As we navigate a version of the traditional Passover Seder, we will explore what it means to be enslaved, how we can work to free ourselves and others and how we can use the customs that tie us together to strengthen our communities as we move into the future.

Surrounded by friends and family, Jews and non Jews, we will celebrate Passover with mouth watering food, rituals that have been passed down over centuries, eye opening conversation and plenty of wine (we’re obligated during Passover to drink at least 4 cups!)

The Seder and moderated discussion will be led by the host and facilitated by experts who will share insight to ensure we all walk away feeling educated and empowered.

Great impact starts with a single step, but we cannot do it alone. At Shalon, we gather over an incredible meal in a welcoming and safe space to understand the issues that impact our world and educate each other on how we can start the journey towards change.

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Seder Menu

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* Venue and food are not certified KFP. Meal will be KFP style and can be vegetarian upon request.