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Immigration | Exploring Asylum

  • San Francisco, CA United States (map)
Photo: Jeff Eliason

Photo: Jeff Eliason


What does it mean to seek asylum? How does it impact where you can go when seeking a safe, healthy and welcoming place to go, either alone or with your family? For those in communities where people seek asylum, how does community evolve as people arrive seeking a new life? We're connecting around the table to dive into what it takes to choose to change everything and relocate your life and understand the pros and the cons of welcoming and accepting new people, new culture and new demands on infrastructure as the world shifts around us. 

The evening includes a gourmet multi course meal; each course will be paired with wine or a curated cocktail. As with every Shalon, moderated conversation will be led by the host and facilitated by experts who will share insight to ensure we all walk away feeling educated and empowered.

Great impact starts with a single step, but we cannot do it alone. At Shalon, we gather over an incredible meal in a welcoming and safe space to understand the issues that impact our world and educate each other on how we can start the journey towards change.

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Chefs Deborah & Brian of FED


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