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North Star: Thinking Big about Giving Together

In the latest “Events that Inspire”, I’m featuring Amplifier’s West Coast Convening—a full day focused on how to bring people with shared values and interests together to amplify their potential for positive impact. I’m delighted to share a little about the event–which was fabulous–and some of what I learned in the hopes that it’s valuable to my network and encourages more people to connect their communities and their values in order to strengthen their giving power.

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Events that Inspire: Reverse Hackathon

In this post, I’m reflecting on the Hack Mental Health Reverse Hackathon, an amazing event held in SF in early June. Throughout the course of the event, we explored mental health and the impact that our daily activities have on our happiness and our ability to live full lives. We all have hard days when it feels like we’re bearing the weight of the world alone and it’s uplifting to know that there are communities that are growing and providing opportunities to check in with ourselves, check in on each other and make positive change in our world.

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Conquering the Divide in our Country - One dinner at a time

Our country is in crisis. We are so deeply divided on so many issues and what’s most alarming is that it’s SO EASY to ignore or forget that there are people who feel equally as strongly on both sides of an issue. In this post, originally posted on, I’m exploring how we can start to bring both sides of an issue to the table to foster understanding and harmony.

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