Interview an Expert: Sergio/Evora (One Human's Journey to Identity)

As part of Shalon’s “Interview an Expert” series, it is my pleasure to turn the spotlight on Evora Baden, nee Sergio Garrido-Ramirez. A force of nature behind the scenes and in front of the camera, Evora/Sergio is dedicated to providing opportunity and space for all people to explore and fully express their true selves. The owner of Baden Branding, Evora/Sergio builds, positions and launches successful brands through web development, event curation and overall marketing strategy.

I felt an instant connection with Evora/Sergio when we first met but it’s taken me years to fully grasp the passion and pride that goes into every opportunity to educate and empower people (especially young students and their families) when it comes to identity, acceptance and strength.

I hope you’ll enjoy learning about Evora/Sergio as much as I have and encourage you to join us at the next Shalon on June 15 to connect in person!

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Examining modern racial injustice through a window of tradition

The story of Passover is a narrative that depicts something bigger than one event in history; the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt is also the story of oppressed people fighting for their freedom, finding their way and building community for support in an unfamiliar place.

This year, Shalon partnered with Nourish, to host a Passover Seder for Racial Justice and invited people of all religions, races, sexual orientations and geographic backgrounds to join the conversation about the experiences that unite us as humans, despite our unique, divergent histories.

As we navigated our interpretation of the Passover Seder, storytellers from different backgrounds (including African Americans, Muslim Americans, immigrant, students, DACA advocates and many others) shared powerful, personal stories about repression, liberation, courage and faith.

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